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Travel and transport

Home to School Transport Entitlement - Update from September 2020 and new intake applications for 2021

The county council has determined that with effect from September 2020 the current 'frozen' transport status given to Ibstock Community College has been removed. In effect this means that any child starting at Ibstock Community College from now on will only be assessed for transport on a ‘nearest school’ basis i.e. just because you are in our catchment area does not mean that you will automatically get free transport from the Council. Please see the letter below from Leicestershire County Council.

Dear Parent / Carer,

Important Notice – Home to School Transport Entitlement Criteria

Leicestershire County Council adopted a new Home to School Transport policy in September 2015. The policy change affects entitlement to free or assisted mainstream home to school transport. The full policy, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and other details can be found on our website at:

The current policy means that free transport is now generally only provided to the ‘nearest’ or ‘nearest Leicestershire’ school so in most areas free transport is no longer provided to the admissions catchment area school. We are advising, therefore, not to assume that because free transport may have previously been provided from your area to the school you wish your child to attend that this will still be the case as it is likely it will not. Parents with older children at their preferred school who currently receive free transport (agreed prior to September 2015 or before any school age range or catchment area changes) need to be aware that any younger children may not qualify for free transport to the same school under the current policy.

The recognition of traditional ‘admissions catchment areas’ for entitlement to school transport is generally no longer the case. Feeder school arrangements also have no bearing on entitlement to school transport. In brief, free home to school transport will be provided as follows:

  • for pupils aged between 4 and 16 - the legal minimum of free transport for pupils over the statutory walking distances, 2 miles for primary age and 3 miles for secondary age from home to the nearest school (or educational placement) with places available (note: for addresses around the borders of Leicestershire the nearest school may be in another local authority).

and in addition to provide one of the following, either:

  • free transport to the nearest Leicestershire school, with places available or
  • where there have been no changes to catchment areas or age ranges since May 2012 (frozen area schools) to continue to provide free transport only to the admission catchment school in those areas (see the FAQs for a list of schools that come under this category)

The Council measures distances with a professional computer mapping tool (MapInfo) that is not available on the internet for free. Parents who want to assess which school might be their nearest can use an online mapping tool to give an approximate indication of distances e.g. Google maps, AA maps, however, the advice is to contact the Transport Assessments Team (contact details are given below) for an accurate indication of the nearest school and eligibility to school transport.

Please also note that if any Leicestershire school with available space is within walking distance (2 miles for primary aged children and 3 miles for secondary aged children) transport will not be provided irrespective of the school to be attended.

It is possible that you may have already contacted the Transport Assessments Team regarding your child’s entitlement to home to school transport to their next school; however, it is advisable that you confirm that there have not been any changes to available walking/driving routes that might alter the decision given and therefore your child’s entitlement to transport. If you have not already enquired about entitlement to home to school transport to your child’s next school it would be advisable to do so before you submit your school place application as this may affect your choice of school/s if school transport is a consideration for you.

Please check our FAQs first at (Appendix 4 of the policy document) but other queries, can be directed by email to: (but please note that this is an insecure method and you are advised not to send any personal or sensitive information by email)

Phone: 0116 305 0002

Post: Transport Assessments Team

Passenger Transport Services

Leicestershire County Council

County Hall




Bus passes


  • ensure that your child has a valid bus pass to show the driver otherwise they may be refused travel.


  • do show your bus pass to the driver every time you travel. All secondary school students are issued with bus passes. If you have been issued with a pass and you cannot show it, the driver may refuse to carry you. You should discuss with your parents what to do if this happens.
  • the bus pass is not valid if defaced or damaged and its misuse may lead to the holder being excluded from the transport. Photocopied or scanned copies of passes are not acceptable in any circumstances and if detected are likely to lead to the holder being excluded from the transport. You have a responsibility to get a replacement pass as soon as possible.
  • if your pass is lost, stolen or damaged you can obtain a temporary pass from reception (at break or lunchtime only - not at the end of the school day as the buses will not delay leaving to wait for a student) which will allow you to travel home and give you time to obtain a permanent replacement pass. There is a charge of 50p for a temporary pass and only two will be issued to any student in one academic year. Parents will be notified when a temporary pass has been issued. 
  • for a full replacement pass, reception staff at school will be able to issue you with a form to complete and send off to Leicestershire County Council. There is a £10 charge for a replacement bus pass.

For some frequently asked questions, CLICK HERE.

Ashby School - school transport - September 2017

CLICK here for a letter from Eddie Green (headteacher at Ashby School) regarding free transport for students...

Leicestershire County Council - Safer Travel Team

We work alongside students, school staff, bus companies and parents to help create and maintain a safe and trouble free environment with regards to the operation of school transport at Ibstock Community College.

We deal with all issues that may arise from and during school transport. This encompasses such issues as anti-social behaviour and bullying, checking of bus passes and the promotion and enforcement of safe travel.

Our aim is to ensure that your child is as safe as possible on the journey to and from school. By providing them with the knowledge of potential dangers and how they are expected to behave we hope to promote a sense of responsibility for their own safety.

Safer Travel have an online reporting form where pupils, parents, school staff, bus drivers and members of the general public can report any concerns with regards to behaviour and safety issues on any of the county’s school buses.